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Shop pneumatics now

Shop pneumatics now
You may know RG Group for hydraulicsWe get that.

But, when it comes to fluid power, the principles of pneumatics and hydraulics are similar. The main difference… pneumatics transmit power using gas (usually compressed air) instead of a liquid.

From a single quality component to a complex industrial pneumatic system, we are the single source solution for today’s demanding and creative industrial pneumatic applications. We provide motion and control technical expertise and cost reduction strategies, with a focus on energy efficiency.

Virtual Engineer

Sizing your Actuator just got EASIER!

Meet Your Virtual Engineer… an online sizing and selection tool created to simplify collaboration, reduce design time and ensure optimal solutions.

Virtual Engineer is a new tool where users can easily enter application specifications (ex. speed, load, external forces) and quickly navigate to accurately sized product options.
Features include: Product life estimation, “Compare” function for multiple products (including price), CAD model availability, and a “My Projects” area, allowing engineers to create, save, and share projects to revisit at a later time.



Virtual Engineer
To make Virtual Engineer even easier... we're hosting a WEBINAR

We're excited to show you how VIRTUAL ENGINEER works! 
If you’re interested in seeing it first hand, sign up for our free webinar on Wednesday, March 6th, hosted by Angie DeNardo of Parker Pneumatics.


Meet our Pneumatics Expert: Pete Wehler 

Pete has worked in the pneumatics/industrial automation industry for 21 years. He is an IFPS (International Fluid Power Society) certified pneumatic specialist and is an integral part of the RG Group team.

Pete knows Pneumatics.
As our Product Expert, Pete also heads up RG Group’s pneumatic division and has extensive knowledge in all areas of motion control. Take a minute and read some of Pete's informative blog stories...


Safety Exhaust Valves
Safety Exhaust Valves

From components to full solutions, at RG Group we work with the best in the industry and stay focused on safety.

Find out more about our Pneumatic Machine Safety Training presented together with our partners at Parker Hannifin.

Sign up here if you would like more information or to learn more about when our next session is scheduled.


IO-Link Solutions


Supported by Parker Hannifin products, we offer IO-Link solutions for valve products as well as CPS (Continuous Position Sensing) Sensors to make your factory floor even smarter. 


IO-Link (IEC61131-9) is an open standard communication protocol that allows for the bi-directional exchange of data from sensors and devices that support IO-Link and are connected to a master. The IO-Link communication standard is quickly expanding within the Factory Automation market space as a low-cost method of connecting I/O on the network.

Overall IO-Link is the most cost-efficient way to connect valve manifolds and obtain diagnostic and prognostic data. IO-Link offers easy installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Learn more about our IO-Link Solutions, download the PDF on the left.


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